We are an art gallery. We are offering a large lightweight ABS mask that is a reproduction of an original work by sculptor Kosmas Ballis. Reproductions can be made in many different colors or in reproduced artistic designs in large quantities. It is best suited as wall decor and can be used indoors or outdoors, e.g. for logo advertising. Original fine art pieces may be purchased as well. Each mask weighs 4 Lbs. and is 35″h x 22″w x 13″d.


The Founders


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Jason Taylor is a plastic surgeon who specializes in cleft lip and palate, breast, and facial reconstruction.  He has a background in chemical engineering and a Master’s degree from Berkeley specializing in polymers.


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Kosmas Ballis is a professional, award-winning sculptor who put himself through the Master of Fine Arts program at Florida State University making mask sculptures like the Kosmask.  He always dreamed of making more of them and finding a way to have a lot more artists collaborating on them. He also holds a BFA from The Kansas City Art Institute where he studied under world renowned ceramist Ken Ferguson. His personal artwork and more background information can be found here.



A Little More About Us

Kosmask is owned by Kosmas and Jason, who have been friends for 40 years. The pair founded Kosmask to stimulate the arts and to help artists.  They wanted to bring a new medium to the art world to give more artists the ability to be seen and give more people the opportunity to experience the joy of sculpture.

A blank Kosmask is like a blank canvas, it can become anything.  It is constructed to be stable, durable and paintable with an unlimited number of techniques.  It is permanent and will last for many generations.

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