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Beth Cirino

Bethsaida ‘Beth’ Cirino was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

Beth is a Self-Taught Artist influenced from her work and teachings in Interior Design and draws inspiration from her past work as a Character Head Painter for Disney.

Beth loves to impose contrasts with the eyes, juxtaposed to create interesting effects. Another medium of creative expression for Beth are Sculptures she creates from River Rocks.

Along with her Kosmask ‘Maskterpieces’, Beth actively creates memorable Custom Visual Displays with an emphasis on the Christmas Season that include Retail Windows, Malls, Hotels and Office Lobby environments.


We can place any image onto a mask, Handpainted!

Please email us with any images or artwork that you would like to have placed onto your Kosmask. Images should be as high quality in resolution possible. 



From Start to Finish, we can do anything!



Mask 2 Artwork

The Initial Design Concept




From Start to Finish, we can do anything!



Mask 1 Pattern

The Initial Design Concept

Original Artworks



Ray Nichols



Ray Nichols


Virginia Vilchis





The Magical Marco Frezza!


Frezza for web



Jake Klotz





Phil Rood

Phil Rood

David Menard


David Menard


C.K. Jordan


Jordan Mask

The Blues, 2018



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 Amazing Mosaic-like Quality


Michael Lucero
















Chris Kienke




Maria Pia Malerba




Dori Atlantis




Karen Frimkess




Austyn Taylorl





Allan Winkler